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Sohu includes sports in its 2016 plan

By Chen Yaping 04 Dec 2015

Sohu, the Chinese news portal and online game operator, has just held its annual marketing conference, “ 2016 Sohu World.” As a recent report says, in preparation of the Rio Olympics, the media company will make sport one of its major business marketing pillars. 

Charles Zhang, the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Sohu, believes that information is currently an essential for people. Their mission in 2016 is to meet people’s unsatisfied information needs. Promisingly, Sohu will have its users spend more time reading news and will develop a new social media that focuses on the consumption of information. 

As reported, in the third quarter this year, the online advertising income of the company reached 299 million US dollars, rising by 21% from a year earlier. This is due to its active resource  integration and customized marketing. 

Young people will dominate the information consuming market, says Cui Lili, the assistant director of Sohu’s advertising and marketing division. Therefore, Sohu has positioned itself for 2016 as a business integrator of sports life, new consumer initiatives, youth fashion and internet plus. 

Source: Beijing Daily

Proofread by John Devlin

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