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CSL earns ¥420 million in 2015

By Chen Yaping 07 Dec 2015

There is mounting speculation that Chinese Super League (CSL) clubs are in line to receive considerable dividends at the end of this year. The league may adopt a dividend system based on club rankings, claims the Chinese Pro Sports Media.

CSL, the current first tier league, was created after the re-branding of the former top division of the Chinese Football Association Jia-A League in 2004. The dividends for each club grew from ¥3 million in 2004 to ¥11 million in 2014. It is reported that the CSL has expanded its sponsorship this year, with a total revenue of ¥420 million. As predicted, this will bring a greater dividend for each CSL club.

At present, among the 17 shareholders of CSL, the Chinese Football Association owns 36% of the shares while the 16 clubs own 4% each. Each year, two of the 16 clubs are relegated and replaced by the Top 2 clubs from the China League. As an incentive to all the teams, CSL is considering a new dividend system based on rankings, scores, venue construction and TV broadcasting rights, according to the recent media report.

Source: Sohu Sports

Proofread by John Devlin

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