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Shanghai Xiaoyuan to partner World Freestyle Football Federation

By Pu Yang 06 Jan 2016

Shanghai Xiaoyuan Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. reached a strategic partnership with the World Freestyle Football Federation in Shanghai on January 4th, which will see Shanghai Xiaoyuan become a shareholder of Freestyle Football Ltd.

As the Shanghai Daily reported, the value of the deal is around RMB10m.

Under the agreement, the two sides will introduce Freestyle soccer to some local schools in Shanghai. They will also work together to introduce an educational program about freestyle soccer to promote the sport in countries like China, Australia and Cambodia. In addition, Shanghai Xiaoyuan will organize training sessions for sports teachers in some local schools.

“It can be played on any street or path and all you need is a ball,” explained Daniel Wood, President of the Freestyle Football Federation.

Shanghai Xiaoyuan has also been awarded the rights to broadcast the World Freestyle Football Championship 2016 in Melbourne.

Freestyle soccer is the art of self-expression with a ball while performing a range of tricks with various parts of the body. The sport is now widespread across the globe.

Source: Shanghai Daily

Proofread by John Devlin.

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