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Corporate takes over rights on CSL

By Yutang Sports 25 Dec 2014

Government regulation separating from management has been set up as the direction for Chinese soccer reform for some time, but few efforts have been made into the real practicing. However, it seems that Chinese Super League (CSL) will embrace significant change from next season as three Chinese football leagues will be taken over by Chinese Football Association League Co., Ltd from the year of 2015. 

Chengquan Ma, a senior official from CLS Executive Board disclosed during a conference held recently that affairs related to CSL, and two other affiliated leagues, Chinese Reserve League and Chinese Elite League, will be handed over to The CSL corporate, which will be in charge of match organizing, venue choosing, scheduling, and club management etc. The Executive Board will be responsible for the regulation, registration and accessibility of the mentioned three leagues. 

Some professionals also said ,”The Corporate will be able to make a huge difference on the financial status of CSL. Fans and investors will be more confident and get most from it.”

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