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Ministries to clear obstacles for sports reform in China

By Yutang Sports 08 Jan 2015

Chinese websites reported that several Chinese Ministries would facilitate with the reform and growth within the Chinese sports industry in the coming days of the year 2015, as the State Council instructed the Ministries to assist with the national plan. 

According to the report, these Ministries or Departments include Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Sport, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Education. 

An official of the General Administration of Sport said they were looking into their principles and rules right now. 

The report said that 2014 was the start of sports reforms, and 2015 was to be a crucial year for it. Several Ministries have been engaged in clearing any forms of obstacles for it within their own managing areas in the past few months. The Ministries will respectively announce policies about finance, sports events, industry facilitating, investment attraction, space designs and improvements, and curriculum designs, to assist implementations of the national plan about developing the sports industry. 

An official of the Ministry of Commerce said that they would publish policies to drive sports consumptions along with consumptions in such sectors as information, culture, and tourism. Sports consumption is seen as a new force in the domestic economy growth, and is a particular focus of the 2015 plan. 

Source: NetEase 

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