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More than 10,000 register for Chengdu Panda Marathon on first day

By Jiang Kaixiao 15 Dec 2016

According to data from the organising committee of the 2017 Chengdu Panda Marathon (released on 13th December), the number of entrants had exceeded 10,000 people 24-hours after registration opened. Although there still are 92 days before the registration deadline, at this rate, the organisers may soon reach their target of 30,000 people.   

Within the first hour, more than 1500 people had signed up to participate in this event. After that, the register was increasing at the rate of 1000 people per hour. At 12:00 am on 13th December, the number had successfully passed the 10,000 mark. Based on statistical data, running half-marathon may become many runners’ first option, as 59% of the total runners have signed up to take part in it. The second largest group, with 22% of runners, chose the full-marathon. 19% of runners preferred to join the group healthy run (literally translated). From this aspect, the half-marathon and the full-marathon are still the favorite events of runners. It is also worth noting that 37% of the total participants were females on the first day of registration, an increase of 12% on last year.

Chengdu Marathon is a young event but due to the beautiful views, professional event supplies, volunteers and staff, it has become a splendid sport IP for many runners. Runners can expect to enjoy unforgettable and picturesque views and ancient architecture. They will also be able to breathe fresh air along this 42.195 km route. 

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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