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Lifan is facing a possible dismissal

By,Editing by Yutang Sports 21 Jan 2015

Chinese soccer club Chongqing Lifan faces possible dismissal after the club's successful promotion to the Chinese Super League last year.

Chongqing Lifan, which finished atop the Chinese second tier league last season and will compete in the CSL next season, has been earlier this month sold to a new buyer, the Huaxia Guorui Soccer Club Corp.

However, the takeover was not recognized by the Chinese Football Association on Monday, citing the new buyer's poor qualifications.

Fans gather in front of the gate to the Chinese soccer club Chongqing Lifan after the Chinese Football Association denied its selling to a new buyer.

It took Chongqing Lifan, a former CFA Cup winner, four seasons to climb back to the Chinese Super League.

The rumor is that the team might still play in the CSL in the name of "Lifan", Lifan decided to invest in the club for another year after they missed the last chance to sell their team.But right now it turns out to be just a rumor.

If Lifan has to end up as dismissal,Chongqing team would play from the last class league in China all again.

Original title by Soccer Club Faces Sudden Death after Promotion to Super League

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