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361° designs special sportswear for Kinmen Marathon

By Yutang Sports 22 Jan 2015

The 8th Kinmen Marathon was held in Taiwan, 30 thousand marathoners joined the match. As the partner of the marathon, 361°designed professional running equipment for the contest.

361° is from Quanzhou,Fujian province which shared the same dialect and culture with Taiwan.The design of the sportswear indicates the Minnan culture and Kinmen style.

In that sportswear, 361° cares more about the feature of human bodies during running. Therefore more functional designs are melted into the sportswear, the material is easy to dry, which would makes the athletes more comfortable. 

In 2009, 361° became the official exclusive sportswear.In the six years, 361°boost their reputation by sponsoring Kinmen Marathon in Taiwan. For that, the president of 361°, Ding Wuhao said, "361° would keep integrating the world-class sports resource,make the full use of brand influence and operating capability, bridge between the sports from Taiwan and Mainland. We want to show the world that people from Taiwan and mainland, we are all Chinese, and would have a promising future."

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