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Ledman signs partnership with Académica Coimbra

By Chen Yaping 10 Jul 2017

Martin Lee, CEO of Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd., paid a visit to the LigaPro club Académica Coimbra on July 7.

The Chinese company signed a strategic agreement with the Coimbra, Portugal-based football club, which will make Ledman the title sponsor of the club’s academy Academia Briosa XXI.

Under this agreement, Ledman will send 6 young Chinese players each year to participate in the club’s daily training and football games.

“It is a development project that will allow us to reconvert the Academy and to be open to develop young players," said the chairman of Académica Coimbra, Pedro Roxo, quoted in an official statement from the club.

Martin Lee said their aim was "to have a strategic partner in LigaPro, and Académica is the right club." As Lee explained, the club has a very long history and great training conditions, and this is why Ledman expects to develop great Chinese players there.

The club was founded in 1887, when Clube Atlético de Coimbra and Academia Dramática merged. 

Source: Ledman

Proofread by Linda Barouk

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