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Caipital Airlines to partner China National Badminton Team

By Pu Yang 21 Jan 2016

Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd. have agreed a strategic sponsorship partnership with China’s national badminton team. The signing ceremony took place in Beijing on January 19.

Li Yongbo, head coach of the Chinese national badminton team, alongside a roster of star players, including Lin Dan, Chen Long and Li Xuerui, were present at the ceremony.

Despite the fact that no details of the partnership were revealed, the deal means that Chinese badminton national teams will be backed by the Beijing-based airline in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

“Capital Airlines offer infinite support and passionate encouragement (to us). The Chinese national badminton team will now compete in the Rio Olympic Games in much higher spirits,” said Li Yongbo, “(We) will try our best to win more games and uphold the country’s honour.”

Beijing Capital Airlines is a joint venture founded by Hainan Airlines and Beijing Travel Group. The company currently has a sponsorship deal with Qingdao Badminton Club and it also sponsored the 2015 PGA China Tour.

Source: China Daily

Proofread by John Devlin

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