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Lander Sports to build a City Sports Service Complex in Hangzhou

By Yutang Sports 17 Jul 2017

July 13: Lander Sports Development Co., Ltd. announced that its subsidiary company has signed the contract for the assignment of the use right of state-owned land with the Bureau of Land and Resources of Hangzhou (Yuhang district). Lander Sports received the land use right of the parcel area No.XY2017-001 in Xianlingang Hangzhou for 23.8887 million yuan. It will be used to build a City Sports Service Complex.

The total area for this project is around 12540 square meters, located in Yongfu Community Wuchang Street, Hangzhou. This City Sports Service Complex is a project that will be completely built and sustained by Lander Sports. It will combine sports, leisure, health and social communication. The complex will be a leisure and sports center and is planned to be equipped with a fitness club, a heated indoor pool, a basketball indoor stadium, a badminton stadium, dry ski slopes etc. Other leisure programs are also planned to be presented such as a youth sports training center, a healthy eating system, and golf exhibitions.

Recently, Lander Sports has been continuously releasing new plans. On June 6, Lander Sports shared its plan to build the curling team and the ice hockey team of Zhejiang Province; on June 7, to establish a sports leisure town in Gexianshan Sichuan in collaboration with Pengzhou City Government; on June 16, to create a sports town in Hangzhou (Xiaoshan District) by working with the Puyang Town Government. Finally, on June 19, Lander Sports announced to have won the land use right of a state-owned area in Jiaxing City (Zhejiang Province) for 70.68 million yuan, where a City Sports Service Complex is to be built.


Proofread by Linda Barouk

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