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Tmall and Intel jointly launch new domain name

By Nong Ruowen 28 Jul 2017

Tmall, the e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group, has jointly launched a new domain for eSports ( in conjunction with Intel. The two giants aim to create a comprehensive gaming service platform featuring hardware, information and events services. 

Media reports have said that this partnership will be helpful in developing a complete eSports business.Another subsidiary of Alibaba Group, Alisports will gather eSports events resources for Tmall’s gaming platform, which will allow Tmall to offer more high-quality content and merchandise for eSports fans. On the other hand, eSports brands can leverage Tmall’s big data to analyze eSports fans’ demands and needs and to design customized services for them. 

Their first partnership was formed in 2013 when Intel leveraged Tmall’s platform and greater user base to promote their Ultrabook in the Chinese market. In 2017, Intel joined forces with Tmall New Product Lab, which allowed Intel to build a fan community and implement a set of content marketing campaigns on Tmall. As a platform with good GMV performance and proficiency in precise marketing, Tmall will assist in promoting Intel’s brand and sales in the e-commerce sector.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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