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Wu Minxia to launch personal brand MXW

By Nong Ruowen 21 Sep 2017

September 20: At a press conference held in Beijing, Wu Minxia, former 5-time Olympic diving champion launched her own personal brand MXW (Chinese version: 敏行者MXW), together with her husband Zhang Xiaocheng and several commercial partners including the Jinjiang-based clothing brand Haoshou, brokerage firm Starsoar Sports and the Macau-based design firm Chiii Design. 

Founding the brand together with Haoshou's General Manager Hong Jingxin, Zhang expressed that the brand would have its headquarters in Jinjiang, Fujian Province and focus on providing swimming related sportswear and sports equipment to teenagers and families. 

Acting as the “Honorary Chief Product Officer” of this new brand, Wu stated that she would help to assist in supporting the brand and the refinement of product quality and users' experience. 

One of the new partners responsible for product distribution also disclosed at the press conference that the brand would launch on major online commerce platforms this autumn. 

Further to this announcement, another deal was revealed at the press conference with Starsoar Sports, the Chinese agency of Wu Minxia partnering with Sina Sports. The agency will look after the MXW brand's marketing campaigns.

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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