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FEI seals five-year deal with China National Sports International

By Chen Yaping 10 Oct 2017

The Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) has signed a five-year deal with China National Sports International (CNSI), naming the Chinese company as an official business partner of the FEI in China.

Under the terms of their deal, the pair will “develop a large-scale e-sports, e-commerce, and social media presence for equestrian sport to launch in 2018”, according to a report by Equnews.

At present, there are about 400,000 active equestrians in China, with one in 1,000 fans riding regularly, and 300,000 people employed in horse sports. That is why the FEI has decided to develop the sport in the world’s most populous country.

According to an earlier report from Bank of China International, China’s equestrian sport industry was worth 1.5 trillion yuan (USD 222.68 billion) in 2016 and is expected to double by 2020 and reach 5 trillion yuan by 2025.

CNSI is a sports and entertainment company that specializes in equestrian sports in China. As its Chairman of the Board, Zhang Baosheng, said, “By working with the world governing body for equestrian sports, we will be able to offer sports fans exciting and sophisticated equestrian content, which will drive even deeper interest in equestrian sports.”

Source: equnews & 163

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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