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CSL regional broadcasting rights holder to sell 50% stakes

By Yutang Sports 12 Feb 2015

Yun Chuanmei (“Cloud Media”) is going to hold an official event for selling 50% of its stakes that are owned by its founder tomorrow on February 13 in Beijing’s Xizhao Temple Hotel. 

Yun Chuanmei is the current exclusive broadcasting rights holder of Chinese Super League (CSL) events on regional satellite TVs in China. Its cooperation with regional satellite TV channels allowed events of CSL to be aired on channels other than CCTV. 

According to media reports, the founder and owner of Yun Chuanmei, Mr. LI Luyang, plans to change his business focus to football club management. He plans to invest a new club in Sichuan Province of China, to boost football in the west of China. 

In the mean time, broadcasts of CSL events on regional satellite TVs would remain despite of a change of stake holders. 

Yun Chuanmei was founded in 2012 by Li in Hong Kong. Its broadcasting of CSL on local satellite TVs was first of such attempts. In 2014, Yun Chuanmei and Gansu satellite TV cooperated and broadcasted over 100 CSL events, as well as some original shows. 

This recent plan to sell half of its stakes attracted much attention in Chinese sports industry. The most recent notice of the official event was published on the same day Wanda Group announced its acquisition of Infront Sports & Media, by Li on his Weibo account. LeTV’s Liu Jianghong shared this post and commented that Chinese sports industry was witnessing significant changes. 

An article on NetEase commented that Li’s new move into the western football would be helpful for Chinese football development anyway. 

Source: NetEase, 

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