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CBA publicly releases its new 9 departments to the media

By Nong Ruowen 10 Nov 2017

November 9: The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) hosted a media roundtable meeting in Beijing, attended by CBA President Yao Ming, Secretary General Bai Xilin and the nine new departmental directors of the association. 

From their perspective, this roundtable meeting is considered to be the “release ceremony” of the nine departments to the general public.

Having split from China’s General Sport Administration, the CBA has adjusted its organizational structure based on the previous six departments. With their main focus remaining on the management of the national basketball teams and professional and amateur basketball leagues, the CBA has set up new departments for foreign affairs, marketing and public relations. 

Additionally, as 3X3 basketball has been officially approved for the Olympic Games, the CBA has also established a new 3X3 basketball department. 

At the roundtable meeting, a representative from the CBA also announced that the association had launched the project “中国篮球名人堂 (literally translated as Chinese Basketball Hall of Fame)”, which will be officially released in 2019. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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