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Shilin Town to speed up their sports town construction project

By Nong Ruowen 13 Nov 2017

As one of the 96 sports pilot towns authorized by the China General Sports Administration, Shilin Town, Zhejiang Province, is ready to kick off the construction of its sports town project. 

Based on its natural environment, Shilin town will see aquatic sports, mountain sports and cycling as its priorities. As a result, the town will construct infrastructures and facilities for these sports, as well as partnering with sports companies focused on sports events and other sports-related content. 

The local government of Shilin town officially signed a partnership deal on November 10 with Beijing Sanfo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd (Sanfo), an outdoor sports equipment and activities company. This deal will see Sanfo take charge of the town’s branding and will jointly organize sports and tourism activities in the town alongside local government. 

The two sides have also released details of an upcoming sports event in this town, the 2017 Fantasy Stone Forrest Ascent Half Marathon. According to a representative from Sanfo, this marathon route will be a highlight for runners with an adventurous spirit. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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