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Chinese sports brands boost sales on Double 11

By Nong Ruowen 14 Nov 2017

The date November 11 has been far from a normal day in recent years as it has become an entertainment festival for single people and has transformed into one of the biggest online and offline shopping days in China.

The shopping festival “Double 11” was initiated by Alibaba in 2009 and celebrated its ninth edition on November 11, 2017. As usual, various retailers and brands launched their online-and-offline promotion campaigns, including Chinese domestic sports brands. 

ANTA released their groundbreaking online sales figure for Double 11, hitting RMB 670 million, an increase of 66% from last year’s edition of the shopping festival. Reportedly, it took 9 hours for ANTA to break the RMB 400 million record. One extraordinary thing is that in the first 8 minutes of the day (midnight) their sales figure reached over RMB 100 million, which took 30 minutes for ANTA on November 11, 2016. 

In terms of sales figures, LI-NING ranked second following ANTA with a sales figure of RMB 215 million. Another Chinese sports brand, Xtep, took third place on the list. 

On this year’s Double 11 Day, Xtep’s online sales figure reached RMB 207 million, 83% more than last year. Reportedly, it is the biggest growth in online sales figures among Chinese domestic sportswear brands for this annual shopping festival. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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