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FC Bayern Football School Shenzhen kicks off training camp for football coaches

By Nong Ruowen 05 Dec 2017

December 4, Shenzhen: More than 4 months after the inaugural opening of the FC Bayern Football School Shenzhen in Longgang District, last July, the first edition of the football training camp has opened in the school. This camp is not intended for teenagers, but for Shenzhen’s PE teachers, football coaches and sports industry practitioners who focus on football youth training. 

Reportedly, Bayern will provide their free basic-level youth training course to those teachers, coaches and practitioners participating in this training camp. Coaching experts from Bayern have also come to Shenzhen and are taking the reins of the camp and they will impart their coaching knowledge and experience to the camp’s trainees  through lectures and group discussions. 

Trainees are also expected to practice the theory learned in the classes on the pitch and deliver presentations at the end of the training camp. After an overall assessment, qualified trainees will be endorsed with a foundation-level certificate authorized by FC Bayern. 

To support this training camp, Longgang District has equipped the training camp with  futsal, seven-a-side and large-sized football pitches. Liu Deping, Director of Longgang’s Sports, Cultural and Tourism, stated that the district will maintain its leveraging of FC Bayern’s youth training resources to develop more local elite coaches and young players in the future.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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