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National Sports Training Alliance launched

By Chen Yaping 22 Jan 2018

On January 20th in Beijing, fifteen Chinese sports universities, including Beijing Sport University, Shanghai University of Sport, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Xi'an Physical Education University, Chengdu Sport Institute and Shenyang Sport University, joined forces to set up the National Sports Training Alliance.

The Alliance, spearheaded by the Science and Education Department of General Administration of Sport of China, aims to improve the sports training model in higher education institutes.

According to a Xinhua report, the Alliance is divided into the National Sports Training Education Division and the National Sports Training Competition Division.

The Education Division will be responsible for physical education reform, combining education, science and research advantages from different institutes. The Division has displayed the first-stage skills standards for 11 youth sports.

The Competition Division will focus on developing high-level events and establishing a comprehensive platform for event management, brand promotion, online interaction and technology applications. The Division launched the first event as the 2018 National Sports Training Competition Division Soccer League.

Three sports companies, YOUZU Interactive, Univ Sport and Jodose Sport, have all signed a cooperation deal with the Alliance respectively.


Proofread by William Logsdon

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