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CBA set up 3x3 Basketball Committee

By Nong Ruowen 31 Jan 2018

At the first session of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) General Assembly held on Jan 29, the CBA announced the establishment of a new committee in the association, the 3x3 Basketball Committee. 

After elections at the General Assembly, 9 members were elected out of 15 candidates as the first group of Standing Committee Members of the 3x3 Basketball Committee, with Zhao Feng from Infront Sports designated as the Director of the Committee. 

Former Chinese basketball star Wang Zhizhi, Zheng Lei from Beijing Sport University and Zhao Xing from the Federation of University Sports of China were also named as Deputy Directors of the Committee. 

Following the election, the CBA President Yao Ming suggested in his speech that the Committee should regulate 3x3 basketball games in China and create a system for them by encouraging more amateur basketball players and enthusiasts to participate in these games. 

As for launching a professional 3x3 basketball league in China, Yao advised the Committee to learn from those countries where professional 3x3 basketball games were managed very well and use these best practices to run the professional league in China. 

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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