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Lanxiang Vocational School to recruit eSports professionals

By Chen Yaping 07 Feb 2018

Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School has recently released a recruitment plan that outlines positions providing a high salary and bonus to attract outstanding eSports professionals.

According their recruitment announcement, the vocational school currently provides positions for chief data analysts (RMB 200,000-400,000 annually), eSports club managers (RMB 100,000-400,000), players and coaches (RMB 100,000-300,000) under major eSports projects, form masters (RMB 100,000-200,000) of eSports management classes and eSports psychological consultants.

All staff on those positions except form masters can win 100-million-yuan stock ownership for their whole team, if they take the final title of international tournaments like KPL, the LPL and the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

In December 2017, the School reached a strategic cooperation with China-based QG Reapers eSports Club, which saw QG name its youth training base as Lanxiang eSports Academy. When the deal was signed, Lanxiang claimed, “the company that owns the LX eSports Club has completed its Series A round financing with a 300-million-yuan market value and is planning to take the business public within next 5 years.”

As of now, Lanxiang has set up a three-year eSports program, aiming to help students with no prior knowledge of the eSports industry to become qualified gamers, referees, officials or eSports marketing specialists.

Source: Tencent

Proofread by William Logsdon

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