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Chinese SUV brand WEY and Cristiano Ronaldo team up

By Andrea Huang 14 May 2018

Chinese SUV brand WEY and Portugal team captain and Real Madrid FC star, Cristiano Ronaldo, have teamed up with the global football star becoming the brand ambassador of the automobile brand. 

The official signing ceremony was held in Madrid, Spain on May 10. CEO of WEY, Jens Steingraber co-signed the agreement alongside Ronaldo as the representative of WEY at the ceremony. No information regarding the partnership fee were disclosed. 

WEY said that they would launch the first TVC featuring Ronaldo during the 2018 FIFA World Cup which kicks off on June 14. 

WEY is an SUV brand of the Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors and produces luxury SUV automobiles. Great Wall Motors has also bought TV commercial time on CCTV 5 during the 2018 FIFA World Cup CCTV 5 broadcasts. 

WEY and Great Wall Motors have previously not been involved in much sports sponsorship with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo being seen as a major strategic move for them in brand marketing. Some online reports believe it is a signal that WEY plans to develop their overseas markets. 

WEY currently has 3 SUV types in its portfolio as featured on its official website, the VV5, VV7 and P8 with prices ranging from CNY150,000 (USD23,660.8) to CNY 260,000 (USD41012.05). The VV7 shares the same number as Ronaldo’s team shirt and a VV7 SUV was on display  at the signing ceremony. 

Source: WEY

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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