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China’s eSports market hits USD 10.1bn in 2017

By Chen Yaping 31 May 2018

On May 30, together with Beijing-based eSports Company, the China National Cyber Games, iResearch launched the 2018 China eSports Industry Research Report, which covers content including China eSports industry development trends, market size, user scale, industry chain, industry summary, user analysis, eSports competitions, eSports clubs, content production and broadcasting, ecological development and business value analysis.

According to the report, China’s eSports industry has entered a booming stage. In 2017, China’s eSports exceeded CNY65bn (USD10.1bn), with the mobile eSports, client eSports and the eSports eco-market reaching CNY30.3bn, CNY30.1bn and CNY5bn respectively.

Mobile eSports has become a major driving force for the growing number of users, while other related industries like eSports live streaming and cross-border marketing are also rapidly evolving in the country.

Currently, the eSports market in China mainly focuses on the fields of game consumption, including event tickets, peripherals, sponsorships, and advertisements. The scale of the eSports events-based eco-market is relatively small, as it reached CNY5bn in 2017. The report also pointed out that, the proportion of the eSports eco-market is continuously increasing, and is expected to reach a market size of CNY13.8bn by the year 2019.

Source: chinadaily

Proofread by William Logsdon

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