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Former women’s volleyball captain Hui Ruoqi takes part in children’s charity activity

By Andrea Huang 14 Jun 2018

Former Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team captain Hui Ruoqi took part in the children’s charity initiative One Night Gei Xiaohai (“One Night Given to Children”) organized by the well-known Chinese film star and singer Zhou Xun. 

This is a new charity event that Hui Ruoqi has taken part in since she retired from the national volleyball team and got married in May. 

This charity initiative, One Night Gei Xiaohai, was created by Zhou Xun’s studio, ZX Studio, back in 2014 and has run continuously for 4 years. It calls for society to pay attention to children with life-threatening illnesses and life-limiting conditions. The initiative invites celebrities from the entertainment industry including singers, actors and models to visit children’s special care institutes and organizes concerts/events every July. 

On June 8, Hui Ruoqi and Zhou Xun kicked off the first stop of the 2018 activities by visiting a children’s special care institute in Nanjing, the hometown of Hui Ruoqi. Zhou Xun and Hui Ruoqi played games with the children bringing smiles to the children’s faces. 

Having recovered from two heart operations and fought through difficult medical conditions after the operations, Hui Ruoqi knows exactly how it feels to fight for her life and the difficult emotions of those watching someone recover and fight from serious illnesses. Therefore, she expressed the hope that people could also appreciate the efforts of the staff taking care of the children. 

Source: Sina 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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