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McGrady and Mitchell attend Adidas China High School Men’s 3x3 Basketball League District Finals

By Andrea Huang 25 Jun 2018

The China High School Men’s 3x3 Basketball League which is sponsored by Adidas, tipped off the North Eastern District finals in the middle of June in Beijing. NBA legend Tracy McGrady appeared at the event to cheer for the players while Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell presented awards to the teams that qualified for the national finals. 

The league is organized by the China School Sports Federation and co-organized by educational departments at provincial and city levels across the country. The 2017/18 season started in December 2017 with teams from 22 provinces. 32 teams competed at the provincial level qualifying games over a six month period. The district rounds take place in June and July with the final eight teams from the district rounds qualifying for the  national finals in the summer. 

In the North Eastern District round hosted in Beijing where McGrady and Mitchell appeared, teams from Beijing, Jilin, Liaoning Province, Heilongjiang Province and Tianjin took part in the competition. 

All games are broadcast live on Tencent’s live streaming website. 

This is the fourth season that Adidas has sponsored the league with nearly 3,000 players taking part in the competition. Adidas provides kit for all players, coaches and referees of the league. 

Source: Sohu Sports 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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