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Klay Thompson and Anta co-fund Adream Center in Guiyang

By Andrea Huang 29 Jun 2018

Klay Thompson, brand ambassador of Anta, is doing a summer marketing campaign tour in China. At one stop on this campaign, Klay Thompson and Anta co-funded an educational charity project for students of Xingzhi School in Guiyang city, Guizhou Province. 

This project works in partnership with Adream Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing inequalities in China’s education sector, to set up Adream Center in Xingzhi School. Adream Center is a multimedia classroom with Internet access and containing more than 40 modules about life’s dreams and ambitions. 

Xingzhi School is also one of the first national specialist basketball academies. 

The launch ceremony of the Anta-Klay Thompson Adream Center was organized in Guiyang city yesterday (June 28), attended by Anta President Zheng Jie and Klay Thompson plus other representatives. 

Anta launched the charity project “Zhuozhuang Chengzhang” back in 2017 to help improve education and the development of children in underdeveloped areas. Vice President of Anta, Li Ling said that the Adream Center was one of its main minor projects. 

NBA star, Klay Thompson, is on this summer’s trip in China as the ambassador of Anta. The theme of the trip is “Shock the Game” (“Yao Feng” in Chinese) and he is expected to visit 6 cities (Beijing, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Tuiyang, Guangzhou) from June 23 to June 30, taking part in different activities to help with Anta’s marketing initiatives and engaging with fans. 

It is not the first time Thompson has visited China for Anta. He also came in 2017 where it was reported by CBSSPORTS that the Golden State Warriors forward had signed a new 10-year renegotiation extension worth up to $80M with Anta during the trip, after having first signed with Anta in 2014. 

Source: General Administration of Sport of China

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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