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Spartan Race releases its 2018 event plan for China

By Nong Ruowen 07 Feb 2018

As Xinhua News Agency have reported, the American-originated obstacle race series, Spartan Race has announced its 2018 event plan for China at a recent press conference held in Beijing.

A representative of Spartan Race disclosed that the company would organize over 20 events in China in 2018 with 5 of them making up qualifying for the Spartan Race World Championships. Spartan Race predict that over 100,000 people will participate in all of the events in China. 

Additionally, it was announced at the press conference that each event of the 2018 Spartan Race in China will upgrade as “Spartan Weekends” which will last for two days instead of a single day. This change is expected to engage more families and friends to join the Spartan party. 

Originating in 2007 in the US, Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying distances and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. As of now, the series has been franchised to 30 countries including Canada, South Korea, Australia and several European countries.

The Spartan Race series includes the Spartan Sprint, the Super Spartan and the Spartan Beast. The series has also added regional and national championships in 2018 as part of the road to the Spartan Race World Championships. In 2018, the Spartan Beast will make its debut in China. 

The sponsors of the 2018 Spartan Race also attended the press conference with the Japanese automaker Infiniti retaining its partnership with the series and acting as the Top Sponsor this year. 

Meanwhile, the series also welcomed a new partner. The Chinese sportswear company ANTA have been announced as the Official Partner of the series. Under this partnership, ANTA will offer equipment to participants in the series and design special edition equipment for the 2018 Spartan Series ambassador. 

Source: Xinhua News Agency and Yutang Sports

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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