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Chinese alcohol brand Laymau becomes Official Sponsor of BWF World Championships 2018

By Andrea Huang 30 Jul 2018

Chinese alcohol brand Laymau have become an Official Sponsor of the BWF World Championships 2018 in Nanjing with the signing ceremony taking place in Beijing on July 26. 

Laymau belongs to Kweichou Moutai, currently the most famous high-end Chinese baijiu brand. Laymau is positioned as a premier middle-class Chinese baijiu brand that targets ordinary consumers in China with prices of hundreds renminbi per bottle. 

The brand’s history can be traced back to the 1800s when the alcohol was first created in a village in Guizhou. Over the years, the alcohol has been brought overseas and has received acknowledgement and praises. Around the year 2000, Laymau, the brand, was officially ruled by a court to belong to Moutai. Then in 2014, Kweichou Moutai relaunched Laymau through a joint venture and made Laymau a brand in its baijiu brand family. 

The partnership with the BWF World Championships 2018 is considered a cross-industry collaboration between Laymau and a sport event and between a Chinese brand and an international sport event, according to the General Manager of Laymau, Xu Mengjue. 

It is also considered an important result for the BWF World Championships in developing the Chinese market. 

Reference: Titan 24, BWF

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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