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Jiangsu Province publishes plans for its winter, outdoor, aero and water sports sectors by 2020

By Andrea Huang 06 Aug 2018

Jiangsu Sports Bureau recently published four documents on its official website, announcing plans and goals for the development of its winter sports, outdoor and mountain sports, aero sports and water sports sectors respectively. 

The four documents set out their detailed economical goals, strategies, approaches and tasks for the development of the four sectors. 

By 2020, the revenue scale of Jiangsu winter sports sector is expected to be around CNY10bn; the number of people participating in winter sports should exceed a million; seventy percent of the schools should have winter sports courses; ten new outdoor recreational snow venues should be built and to develop 2-3 winter sports event brands that are well-known nationally or internationally. 

The market for outdoor and mountain sports should reach CNY40bn in total scale by 2020. The sector is expected to make more collaborations with domestic and international governing bodies to bring in global top-class outdoor and mountain sports competitions and events. The document also encourages the development of local outdoor and mountain sports equipment manufacturers and application of modern smart technologies in services provided. 

Aero sports is relatively less developed and less popular in Jiangsu Province. By 2020, it is hoped that the air sports sector becomes a new emerging driver of provincial economic and social development. The province plans to complete a 200km flying circle for aero sports, which would be the first nationally; to complete construction of an aero sports industry base that will have an international reputation. The economic scale should reach CNY20bn, accounting for 4% of the value added of the sports industry. 

The water sports market is traditionally well developed in Jiangsu Province. However, the sector still faces some problems such as unbalanced growth and difficulties to meet  public demands. The total scale of the water sports sector should reach CNY30bn by 2020 (CNY50bn by 2025), accounting for 6% of the value added of the sports sector. The government plans to enhance the construction of the water sports facilities, optimize water sports events systems and encourage more diversified organizations in the market. 

Reference: Jiangsu Sports Bureau website 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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