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Beijing's Olympics bid borrowed Jackie Chan for a song

By Xinhua 14 Mar 2015

Internationally acclaimed movie star Jackie Chan has joined in the recording of a song, "Wake up Winter," that will be used to promote Beijing's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The first people to officially hear the song will be the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission during their March 24-28 visit to Beijing.

"'Wake up Winter' is actually a call to people around the world with an incessant eagerness for the Olympic Spirit, and a longing for friendship between people and countries," said songwriter Wang Pingjiu.

A large number of well-known musicians both from home and abroad have been involved, including Zhao Jialin, one of the main composers for "Little Apple", which was China's most popular song last year.

It's not Chan's first foray into Olympic singing. The action star performed "We Are Ready", recorded and released a year before the beginning of the 2008 Olympics. He also sang at the closing ceremony of those Games.

Original title by Xinhua: Jackie Chan lends his voice to Beijing's Olympics bid 

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