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Adidas Shower Gel supports No. 5 Training Camp

By Andrea Huang 20 Sep 2018

The No. 5 Training Camp of Fan Zhiyi received 10,000 bottles of Adidas Shower Gel from Coty Group as a support for the youth football training organization. 

Last week on September 13, Adidas Shower Gel organized a ceremony in Shanghai to present the supports to No. 5 Training Camp. Under this partnership, 10,000 bottles of Adidas Shower Gel will be given to the youth football training organization. Shirley Xue, General Manager of Cosmetic Department at Coty Group which sells Adidas Shower Gel in China, attended the event, as well as Fan Zhiyi himself. 

Fan Zhiyi says he will give some of the 10,000 bottles to No. 5 Training Camp’s players and the rest to 30 university football teams in Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other nearby places in the east coastal area. 

Earlier in August, Fan Zhiyi No. 5 Training Camp partnered with Kohler, the Manchester United sleeve sponsor, to organize a youth football training project.  

Fan Zhiyi was the captain of Chinese men’s national football team and works in Shanghai Football Association now. 

Reference: Xin Min Wanbao 

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