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General Administration of Sport set up Winter Sports Development Fund

By Andrea Huang 22 Oct 2018

The Winter Sports Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China has recently set up a Winter Sports Development Fund with the China Sports Foundation in Beijing. The launch ceremony was officially held on Friday October 19. 

The new Winter Sports Development Fund is aimed at helping with and driving the development of winter sports in China, including grassroots participation in winter sports, training winter sports professionals, researching and developing innovative winter sports equipment, winter sports facilities construction, domestic and international exchanges and other winter sport areas. 

The China Sports Foundation is a public offering fund established in 1994 that belongs to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and is directly managed by the General Administration of Sport of China. Its mission is to drive the growth of public sports, sports research and education and to raise the level of sports performance. This is the first winter sports development fund that China Sports Foundation has set up. 

The first donation to the fund was donated by Ximen Anta Co., Ltd while other potential donations by companies are in discussions with the China Sports Foundation. 

The head of the Winter Sports Development Fund, Wang Hongmin, explained that they will deliver two projects this year, both of which are related to youth participation in winter sports. The first is a training camp for coaches of children’s winter sports. This project was created based on the fact that the number of coaches of children’s winter sports across the country is very low so this project hopes to alleviate the problem with the project aiming to train 230 coaches for children’s winter sports. The second project is to organize a ski camp for young people in the west of China. During the winter school break, they will choose five ski resorts in the west of China with each ski resort taking 40 kids. 

Reference: The Beijing News

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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