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Fovo Food sign up as a sponsor of the National Sports Training Center

By Andrea Huang 21 May 2018

On May 16th, the National Sports Training Center of the General Administration of Sport of China announced Fovo Food as their new food sponsor. 

Fovo Food specializes in the production of raw and processed chicken food. As a sponsor, the company will provide raw and processed chicken food for the 1,200 or so Chinese national athletes who train at the National Sports Training Center, to assist these  athletes on the road to major events over the next few years, particularly the 2018 Asian Games and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Fovo Food, have over its 20-year history, obtained export permissions to over 20 countries and regions including Japan and the European Union and has also formed strategic partnerships with large sale food chain brands such as Yum! and McDonalds. 

The deputy head of the National Sports Training Center said that the rich experience of Fovo Food in international services was one of the main reasons that they chose them. The National Sports Training Center has very strict requirements in the nutrition standards of the athletes. We need to ensure that every ingredient used in the athletes’ meals is not only excellent in safety standards but is also outstanding in its nutritional value. 

To take advantage of this opportunity, Fovo Food also released on the day of the announcement a “Champion Product” Food Series that targets individual customers in the market. According to the National Business Daily, Fovo Food entered the 2C market in 2015, but only started a comprehensive movement for the 2C market since the beginning of 2018. This new food series includes multiple product types that can cater to the needs of a diversified group of people, such as cooking enthusiasts, company employees, pregnant women and gym enthusiasts. The company said that the “Champion Product” would provide the same quality as the food for the national athletes. 

Fovo Food belongs to Shandong Province-based GMK Holdings and is one of a few partners that the National Sports Training Center have recently signed up. 

Source: Fovo Food 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick 

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