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Evergrande Group to set up youth competition in Spain

By Zhang Tingting 19 Nov 2018

The Evergrande Group has decided to set up the Evergrande Cup, a youth football tournament in Spain in which youth teams from the Evergrande Football School Spain and Spanish football clubs will compete in this prestigious new competition. The Evergrande Group will invest CNY50m each year into this competition beginning from 2019. 

The tournament will cover 5 age groups from U14-U18. It is going to invite youth teams in these age groups from other Spanish football clubs including top LaLiga clubs Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, who are likely to send their youth teams to the play in this tournament. 

In 2014, the Evergrande Group opened another branch of their Evergrande Football School in Madrid, Spain, exempting all fees for the young players. The set up of this new tournament is aimed at providing high-quality, high-frequency and high-intensity participation in football competitions for young players, and to further improve the quality of youth football training at Evergrande’s Spanish academy. 

With this new tournament, the number of matches each youth team plays every year can reach 60, a standard shared by other teams globally. 

Reference: Guangzhoudui Lianmeng 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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