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Chinese Body-building Association signs CPT

By Andrea Huang 20 Nov 2018

The Chinese Body-building Association has signed a partnership with the Chinese sports nutrition brand CPT. The two sides will collaborate around sports nutrition, improving the reach of sports nutrition among bodybuilding communities and the bodybuilding industry. 

The development of bodybuilding and sports nutrition solutions, sports nutrition technology and services for Chinese national bodybuilding teams, accreditation and training of sports nutrition experts for the bodybuilding industry and other aspects will form their collaboration. The training of sports nutrition experts will be the key area of collaboration. 

According to the Chinese Body-building Association, the CPT have provided sports nutrition support for the Chinese bodybuilding teams for the past 18 years. 

CPT has also been a regular sponsor of sports events, such as the World Women’s Curling Championships Beijing 2017. 

The President of CPT, Bai Houzeng, says that as sports exercise and bodybuilding gain more popularity among the public in China, the scale of the industry has been increasing rapidly, however, knowledge and skills relevant to sports nutrition is still lagging behind, which creates more potential risks for the healthy development of the industry. He maintains that through the collaboration between the CPT and the Chinese Body-building Association, they hope to offer correct guidance to the massive bodybuilding community and improve the quality of sports exercise participation. 

Reference: Xinhua

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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