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CFA and Qatar Football Association reach 5-year collaboration

By Zhang Tingting 28 Nov 2018

The Football Associations of China and Qatar signed a 5-year collaboration on Monday (November 26, 2018) at the QFA headquarters in Al Bidda Tower, Doha with the two parties to collaborate on the development of football in China and Qatar. 

Du Zhaocai, Vice Sports Minister of China and CFA Acting President, QFA President Sheikh Hamad bin Kahlifa bin Ahmed Al Thani and other top management from both sides attended the signing ceremony. 

It is understood that Qatar and China will create exchange programs in various age groups to develop youth football. The QFA will rely on assistance from the Aspire Academy and Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital to strengthen their exchange programs with the CFA. 

The two parties will “organise training sessions and camps, friendly matches, development workshops for technical staff, and exchange knowledge and expertise for the mutual benefit of both parties”, according to the QFA report on its website. 

Earlier this year, the QFA also signed a collaboration agreement with the All Nepal Football Association in October. Through these collaborations, countries in Asia are working together toward the goal of making Asian football better. 

Reference: QFA website 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick 

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