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Chinese winter tourism market to reach 340m visits in 2021/2022

By Zhang Tingting 29 Nov 2018

Chinese media, Economic Daily reports that studies by the Chinese Tourism Academy shows that in the 2016/2017 winter tourism season, there were 170 million visits in the Chinese winter tourism market and that by 2021/2022, the number is expected to reach 340 million as the winter tourism market is developing at a high speed. 

Han Yuanjun, a researcher at the Chinese Tourism Academy says that there is currently a lack of product and activity diversity in the Chinese winter tourism market. However winter sports tourism activities such as skiing in the Northeastern and other parts of China have become new consumption hot spots, attracting large numbers of tourists. 

He envisages that given these situations, on the one hand, there should be more diversified winter tourism products and activities while the provision of premium winter sports tourism should be enhanced to help with the development of public services and facilities in emerging winter sports tourism destinations. 

Winter sports tourism has a clear advantageous role to play in the development of the Chinese winter tourism market. 

Reference: CNR 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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