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KPL collaborates with new retail supermarket Super Species

By Andrea Huang 12 Dec 2018

King Pro League, the eSports league run by Tencent, has recently partnered with Super Species, a fashionable and popular new retail supermarket in China, authorizing the latter to use images of the league, organize offline activities and produce co-branded products. 

The two parties will first work on the KPL Autumn Season Final which takes place on December 15 in Chengdu with Super Species opening a KPL-branded store in Chengdu on that day and a Super Species store in Shanghai fully decorated in a KPL theme. Over 60 of its convenience stores around the country will host in-depth KPL marketing activities

The stores will offer KPL-branded products and host KPL related fan activities with the KPL-themed store in Chengdu serving as a gathering point for fans to cheer for their teams. 

Super Species is a popular new supermarket brand that belongs to a leading Chinese supermarket group, Yonghui Superstores. Tencent also have a stake in the mother company of Super Species, Yonghui Yunchuang. 

Super Species is a convenience store that offers mostly food and in-store dining areas. The stores only accept mobile phone payment and not cash payments. In addition to being able to buy products at physical stores, customers can also order online and have their goods delivered to them. This summer, the Super Species Guangzhou M+Park Store piloted delivering goods using aerial drones. 

These stores are appealing to young people and by collaborating with KPL, Super Species hopes to provide an improved and fresh experience to customers and attract a new potential younger generation. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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