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LaLiga and the CSL sign strategic collaboration agreement to carry out cooperation in various fields

By LaLiga 19 Jan 2019

18 January 2019.- The presidents of the regulatory bodies for the Spanish and Chinese leagues, Javier Tebas and Dong Zheng, respectively, signed a document in Madrid which will see the two competitions work in tandem in areas such as coaching players, marketing, organising events and tournaments and the implementation of new technology.

Dong Zheng, General manager of the CSL, explained that he is "convinced the close relationship with LaLiga will benefit Chinese football from youth level up to the professional game," he also claimed that it will help to create "a stable framework for collaborations between two organisations which will allow us to successfully carry out projects together." Representatives from both competitions and the Chinese Football Association (CFA) described the signing of the agreement at an event held at LaLiga headquarters in Madrid as a "milestone", which will further strengthening the relationship between the two organisations. "China is a very important country and market for us. They are taking key steps forward to help football develop at all levels and it's a great opportunity for LaLiga to contribute to that project coming to fruition through our experience and knowledge," stated LaLiga president Javier Tebas.

In 2019, the CSL is about to enter its 16th season. The league has made remarkable progress in terms of event organization, competition level and commercial value. Joining hands with LaLiga, CSL will work together with the world's top football league around technical coaching and league building. LaLiga is experienced in technology and competition system. The CSL and LaLiga will organize technical coaching workshops in both Spain and China to exchange knowledge in professional areas such as training methodology and match organization. In the future, the CSL director youth training program and the media and brand activities training program of CSL football clubs will be launched respectively. At the same time, the two sides will establish communication mechanism on the implementation of new technology in football, the management of women's football and other aspects of league construction. 

Last season, a logo with "Chinese super league join hands with LaLiga, two competitions, one kind of love" appeared on the fields of CSL and LaLiga, which aroused a warm response between Chinese and Spanish fans. Taking advantage of this collaboration opportunity, the two sides will continue to exert their broad appeal and important influence respectively. Interactive projects such as youth championships at all levels, friendly matches and social welfare activities will also be organized to promote communication between China and Spain in football affairs. In addition, the ambassador jointly appointed by CSL and LaLiga will also benefit the contacts between each other. In the future, more interactive elements will appear in the top fields of China and Spain.

In recent years, the CSL has always been adhering to the purpose of "go out and welcome", strengthening the interaction with foreign advanced leagues to learn advanced concepts. The partnership with LaLiga marks the determination of the CSL to continue its high-quality development and make continuous progress towards its goal of becoming the world's top football league.

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