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Harbin Beer partners with LPL

By Wei Ruili 18 Apr 2019

On April 17, League of Legends Pro League (LPL) officially announced that it has established a partnership with Harbin Beer in which they will conduct deeper cooperation and offer games and products with higher quality for eSports fans.

League of Legends Pro League is the top level League of Legends league in China, and also the top eSports game that gets the most attention from eSports players in China.

As the earliest beer manufacturer in China, Harbin Beer has been upgrading the brand, bringing in more vigor and vitality. For the upcoming LPL Spring Finals on April 21, it has launched a customized 500ml ICE can of beer, with each team’s logo on it.

This partnership is a big breakthrough in crossover cooperation in the digital sports industry. Besides various product content, they will also launch more marketing-based innovative service content. In the future, they will also seek more diverse forms of brand cooperation, launching customized products for specific user groups, and providing more interesting, customized products and services for LPL players.

Reference: NetEase,

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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