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Shanghai aiming to become the ‘global capital of eSports’

By Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau 12 Jun 2019

The Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee,Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau jointly released guidelines on how to promote the growth of eSports in Shanghai, aiming to bring Shanghai to the status of ‘global capital of eSports’.

According to the guidelines, Shanghai plans to create a comprehensive eSports industry that includes the production and operation of top eSports tournaments, the development of truly original eSports products, and the manufacture of peripheral eSports-related products. Shanghai will encourage and promote healthy competition in eSports products, tournaments, teams,stadium operations, and live streaming sites, thereby boosting the growth of eSports broadcasting programs and reporting, as well as eSports equipment, agencies and competitions. They are also planning to integrate eSports with entertainment business, tourism, education, design, and healthcare, and further increase the ecology of the eSports industry by organizing eSports music shows, building eSports theme parks, creating eSports education and training programs, and hosting eSports forums.

Key notes to take away from the guidelines are that the government will provide support for the creation of local original eSports products, and help eSports product companies to cooperate with universities and research and development organizations. They will bring international eSports tournaments to Shanghai, and host national eSports tournaments in Shanghai. The government will also encourage Internet companies to stream more eSports games, and support platforms to improve on their streaming technology. They will create a central block for the eSports industry, refine the layout of eSports stadiums, encourage local teams to improve their interactions with top international teams, create a training system to grow more talent, and build a service system for the eSports industry.

Reference: Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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