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Chinese Handball Association Men’s Super League see exciting finals in Beijing

By Yutang Sports 02 Jul 2019

On June 30th, the Chinese Handball Association Men’s Super League ended three days of fierce competition at the Beijing Huacai Gymnasium. CNSG men’s handball team won all three matches to become champions with Beijing men’s football team taking the runners up spot.

The Chinese Handball Association Men’s Super League was only recently formed to bring awareness of the sport of handball in China. Wang Tao, President of the China Handball Association which organized the Men’s Super League, expressed optimism about the future of the league.

“The opening of the Men’s Super League is like a cardiac stimulant to the growth of handball in China. I am confident that the competition level of the league will increase as the teams play more games, eventually making it the best handball tournament in China, and more and more people will be attracted to the sport.”

The tournament reached its highest level in China in terms of media coverage, advertising, TV broadcasting, staffing, court arrangements, and logistics. They also invited some highly skilled European players to play in the tournament so as to create a league that fully exhibits the unique appeal of the sport of handball.

What is especially noteworthy of the tournament is the appearance of overseas players. The Chinese Handball Association worked with the Hungarian Handball Federation to help three Chinese teams acquire 2 foreign players each. Wang Tao explained that by introducing foreign players to the league, it will help Chinese players improve their skills through learning from these overseas players, eventually improving the competitiveness of the league. She disclosed that the Chinese Handball Association will continue helping teams find appropriate overseas players, but she hoped that the teams will eventually be able to consider their own situation and acquire appropriate overseas players based on their particular needs.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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