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Ministry of Education hold press conference to outline school football report

By Zhao Litong 24 Jul 2019

On July 23, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China held a press conference outlining the “Work Report on National Youth Campus Football (2015 – 2019)”. According to the report, the basic framework of campus football reform has been established, and the next step will be to flesh out the framework.

Between 2015 – 2019, the Ministry of Education has been committed to the development of campus football. After 5 years of hard work, the ministry has evaluated and certified that 24,126 middle and primary schools are doing well in campus football, 38 city-level and province-level campus football experimental areas have been built, 135 campus football pilot counties have been certified and 47 campus football training camps have been hosted.

According to the report, 3000 football-oriented kindergartens will be built in 2019, and another 30,000 football-oriented schools will be built by 2025. In addition, the ministry has established an educational system, a coaching system and a competition system for campus football, which will provide better overall support for the growth of campus football.

Reference: CCTV

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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