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BNU attempts to develop new modes of campus football funded by Hangzhou Greentown Group

By Yutang Sports 26 Mar 2015

With the introduction of the Overall Reform Plan to Boost the Development of Soccer in China, campus football, as an important section of development of Chinese football, attracted universal attention from all areas of society. The importance of campus football was frequently mentioned, and at the same time, the so-called “Campus Football 2.0” led by Ministry of Education is still under exploration. Recently, Beijing Normal University (BNU) made a brave attempt—to establish Campus Football Development Research Center of BNU. 

Information reveals that the Campus Football Development Research Center of BNU is the first and a professional institution for research and promotion of campus football in Chinese colleges and universities that is supported by the Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Football Association as well as China University Sports Association. With the help of teaching and teacher resources of BNU, the research center will actively promote broad cooperation among government, society, enterprises and schools. By scientific researches, teaching material research and development, talent cultivation, competitions etc., it aims to enhance the popularization and development of football among adolescent groups.

In addition, it is notable that, Hangzhou Greentown Group also offers funds to support the establishment of Football Development Research Center of BNU. Xu Biao, vice president of Hangzhou Greentown Football Club, told the journalist, “It is an obligatory duty of professional football clubs to promote campus football development. In the future, our club will pay more attention to football training for adolescents and make contribution to Chinese football development.”

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