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Chengdu aims to build RBM 150 billion sports industry over next five years

By Zhao Litong 22 Aug 2019

On August 22, Chengdu drew up a plan to significantly grow its sports industry. According to the plan, the city aims to establish itself as a place that attracts international sports events and becomes a popular destination for sports tourism. 

Several figures mentioned in the plan are especially interesting. By 2025, Chengdu will grow at least 3 publicly listed sports companies, build at least 10 national level sports industrial bases, 20 provincial level and 50 city level sports industry demonstration projects, and the total value of the sports industry in Chengdu will be worth RMB 150 billion.

To reach these goals, Chengdu will focus on several areas, including landing more than 20 international sports events by 2025, growing local sports events, bringing in at least 10 influential sporting companies annually, promoting sports towns and other sports-related projects, fostering professional sports clubs, pushing the renovation and construction of stadiums, and educating students to train in at least two sports.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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