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Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau sign strategic cooperation agreement with Jiushi Group

By Zhao Litong 10 Sep 2019

On September 10, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Company Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The agreement centers on the central government’s publishing policies aimed at boosting the growth of the sports industry in China. The most recent policy “Outlines on Sports Power Construction” (see report here), lists 5 missions to be achieved: national fitness, competitive sports, sports industry, sports culture and sports exchange. Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and Jiushi Group signed the agreement with the aim of actively carrying out these policies and solidifying Shanghai’s status as a well-known international sports center.

According to the agreement, the two parties will try to land top sports events that are appropriate to ensure an “excellent global city”, cultivate and strengthen locally developed sports events, push renovation in the management and operations systems of sports stadiums, improve the layout and functional upgrading of large sports facilities city-wide, and create a policy and funding support system for sports promotions and  the development of sports talent.

Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau will provide policy support in sports events development, stadium operations, facility maintenance and sports public services, thus helping Jiushi Group build a functional platform and increase its competitiveness in the sports industry.

The sports bureau will also provide policy support in sports events coordination and operations, and coordinate different departments during an event to ensure its success.

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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