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General Office of the State Council of China publish Outlines on Sports Power Construction

By Zhao Litong 03 Sep 2019

To clarify the goals of the Sports Power Construction initiative, as well as how to become a sports power, the General Office of the State Council of China recently drafted and published “Outlines on Sports Power Construction”.

The ultimate goals of the Sports Power Construction initiative are to see China as a powerful country in terms of sports, and that the physical condition and health levels of the Chinese people, the performance of Chinese athletes and the influence of the Chinese sports industry are among the best countries in the world. The Outlines plan to have the sports industry become a pillar of the national economy by 2035.

The Outlines list 5 strategic missions to reach their ultimate goals.

Push the implementation of national fitness by improving national fitness public services;

Build a modernized sports competition system to advance the development of professional sports and improve Chinese athletes’ competitiveness;

Accelerate the development of the sports industry to help with economic transformation;

Pay attention to culture building in the sports world so as to promote a sports culture that is in agreement with the spirit of Chinese sports;

Strengthen external sports communications to improve China’s influence in the international sports community.

In addition, Outlines also describes 9 projects that will be key to building a sports power, including the construction of sports facilities and equipment, the popularization of national fitness, the development of youth sports, the building of a national sports training system, the development of sciences and technologies to support China’s Olympics endeavors, the upgrade of the sports industry, the building of a sports culture, the promotion of sports volunteering and the formation of social sports associations.

Reference: Chinese government

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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