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Chinese First Spartan Kids Race in 2020 Starts off in Beijing

By Yutang Sports 09 Oct 2020

From October 5 through October 8, the Spartan Kids Race 2020 landed at Reignwood Pine Valley in Changping District, Beijing. The four-day event exists as Chinese first stage in 2020 that is specially designed for kids. Having experienced postponement or cancellation due to Covid-19, the Spartan Race is now fully satisfying those young warriors and presenting them the best gift to celebrate Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

For every young warrior, a three-color medal after completing three races is perceived as an ultimate goal. The arrival of Covid-19 Pandemic, however, once devastated kids’ approach to the dream. Under this circumstance, the organizing committee intentionally extended the time period to four days, providing young Spartans with a precious opportunity to apply for three races within one single event and achieve their dream to become three-color warriors in advance.

Since its landing at Chinese market in 2017, the Spartan Kids Race has been successfully holding more than 10 events over the last four years, covering different cities around the nation. By setting up obstacles and interactive programs, the race is now performing not only as kids’ special partner to cultivate their indomitable spirit and stimulate their self-breakthrough, but as a mirror that reflects warriors’ big heart and self-discipline to their parents. Unusual as the situation is, the committee is keen to bring some special lessons and inspirations for young generation. “After Pandemic, with more attention to body health than before, we are now acquiring a deeper understanding in terms of how to overcome challenges through our own effort, which is exactly what Spartan Race would like to convey to the next generation,” says Haoyang Zhang, director of Spartan Race China, “When facing difficulties, only if by trusting your relatives and standing together, with determination and optimism, would you finally get through them. I am convinced that our young warriors are becoming more strong-minded and optimistic after pandemic. And I truly hope our kids can make it during the race with the same spirit and attitude.”

In recent years, as the whole society highly stresses teenager’s comprehensive development in morality, intelligence and physique, sports education has now attracted great attention from parents and institutes. In September 21, the General Administration of Sports of China (GASC) cooperated with the Ministry of Education to release the Opinions on Deepening the integration of Sports and Education and Boosting Adolescent’s Healthy Growth, indicating the growing significance of sports in education system. In the future, sports would be integrated into the entrance examinations of middle high school and senior high school as a grade-required subject. “A strong body could not merely lead children to grow healthily. More importantly, our kids are able to acquire comprehensive understandings of human life and to learn how to embrace failures and overcome challenges with their own intelligence and body strength,” says Haoyang Zhang, who highly acknowledges the role of Spartan race in children’s daily life and study career, “What they can take away from the race include not only joy and happiness but some new understandings of sports education. I believe their deep love towards Spartan race and sports would be further delivered to every corner of their lives and finally our kids will become true warriors that are well respected by everyone.”

Having landed in China Mainland since 2016, the Spartan Race exists not only as a tailored stage for professional athletes but a positive channel for those who are willing to challenge themselves and enjoy leisure time. Participants from different occupations, either as senior executives or as industry elites, are thirsty for a substitute of busyness to enjoy the moment prepared by Spartan Race, to break through the hurdle and to challenge themselves. In the meantime, the creative designs of the Spartan Kids Race, with great enjoyment, has also become an optimal choice for parents. By combining athletics and entertainment, bridging sports and fashion, as well as co-sharing amusement with elites and amateurs, the Spartan Race, with its unique charm, is now becoming a new engine accelerating the promotion of “National fitness” campaign.

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