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Yutang Sports Appointed as the Official Media Partner of the Future of Sport

By Yutang Sports 14 Jun 2023

Through collaboration with Future of Sport, co-created by Viva Technology and Global Sports Week Paris, Yutang Sports will continue to serve as a “Bridge” to deliver the most cutting-edge voices from the global sports and tech & innovation community, and enhance the communications between China and world of sports.

Recently, Future of Sport, a gathering dedicated to the positive transformation of sport, announced that Yutang Sports has officially joined its media partner line-up. Based on the momentum set with the Global Sports Week over the past two years as one of its media partners, Yutang Sports will keep strengthening the impact of Future of Sport, especially in China’s market.

As the newest theme co-organized by Viva Technology, the biggest startup and tech event in Europe, and Global Sports Week, France’s leading international forum for the sports ecosystem, Future of Sport is the first European event dedicated to innovation in sport. It will be held at Porte de Versailles in Paris from 14 to 17 June 2023.

With eyes on global landscape, the 16-year-old Yutang Sports has been unswervingly dedicating to building the bridge that connects China with global sports community. As one of the official media partners of Future of sport, will keep sharing leading ideas from key decision makers and cross-industry elites on sports and tech & innovation, with an ultimate mission to connect Chinese sports with the world in the post-pandemic era.

1. Global Sports Week 2021 – 2022: Focusing on the reinvention of the sports industry, delivering the “Power of France”

Since 2021, Yutang Sports has been collaborating with Global Sports Week, as one of its media partners, to expand its impact worldwide, especially in China’s market.

Organized under the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, as well as the patronage of UNESCO, the GSWParis, with a core vison to “shake, shape and share” the future of sports, was the first international sports forum held on the ground under the COVID-19 pandemic. With the 2024 Olympic Games and a series of international events approaching in France, the Global Sports Week behave as a key platform that linked the city of Paris with international Olympic cities, including Los Angeles, Milan, Beijing, Tokyo, and Dakar, to discuss the role and duty of sports in the development of human society.

The second edition of the Global Sports Week Paris in 2021, themed with “Reinvention in Action”, attached its concentration on how the sports community adjusted itself under the global pandemic and magnified its value in human society. One year later, the third edition of the forum focused on “Better vs Bigger: Growing Sport in the Age of Responsibility”, leading the sports industry to take more critical responsibilities in the process of reinvention.

After three years of initial exploration, Global Sports Week Paris has established itself as one of the mainstream business forums in the international sports industry and, with the official support of France, has become an important platform that spreads French sports power and national influence. On top of this, the forum has formed a positive ecosystem of long-term interactions between sports and Gen Z, startups, and other stakeholder groups through several core programs, including the “Young Sports Makers” and “GSW Factory”.

As one of the official media partners of Global Sports Week for the past two years, Yutang Sports, with years of ripe experience in sports business and sports media, has kept spreading the cutting-edge ideas through news publicity, image and video distributions, original articles, as well as guest speaker interviews.

Over the past two years, Yutang Sports has published more than 100 news articles through Chinese and English media channels, delivering the forum’s messages from the perspectives of the host city leaders, industry decision makers, start-ups, and Gen Z talents. Beyond that, Yutang Sports has systematically promoted the event through 18 we-media channels and 16 video channels, creating a total of over one million viewership. In addition to the regular coverage, Yutang Sports took various easily-viewable and easily-transmissible ways, such as the GSW featured webpage and posters that highlighted guests’ key ideas, to further spread the core value and influence of the forum in China’s sports business community.

Through close collaborations with top-level business summits, Yutang Sports always stay abreast with international leading viewpoints. During the cooperation with GSW Paris in the past two years, Yutang Sports has conducted exclusive interviews with international sports industry leaders, including Mr. Thomas Lund, Secretary General of the World Badminton Federation, and Mr. Lucien Boyer, President of and co-founder of Global Sports Week. In the meantime, Yutang Sports reported in full on the summit's conversations with ATP President Andrea Gaudenzi and other guests, to deliver the cutting-edge thinking of international federations on the development of sports industry in China’s market.

With a series of top events,such as the Paris 2024 Olympics, Rugby World Cup 2023, and the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship 2023 in Courchevel and Meribel, approaching in France, Global Sports Week, the unique platform that represents the development of sports in France, is attracting the attention from sports insiders around the world. As an official media partner of Future of Sport, Yutang Sports will continue to devote our efforts on event publicity and bring more quality voices to further lead the positive reinvention of Chinese sports industry.

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, spoke at Global Sports Week 2022 ©️GSWParis

2. New Beginning in 2023 - Where Sport Meets Tech & Innovation

Faced with a global paradigm shift in the wake of economic, ecological, societal and digital transformation, the sport industry, valued at more than $800 billion worldwide, needs to reinvent itself more than ever in order to develop and strengthen its positive impact.

This year, based on the new emerging opportunities brought by the full recovery of sports industry, Global Sports Week is partnering with Viva Technology, the biggest startup and tech event in Europe, to create "Future of Sports”, a gathering that brings together leaders in technology, innovation and business with sports industry stakeholders, committed to the positive transformation of sport.

During the 4 days from 14 to 17 June 2023, the over 9,000-square-meter Future of Sport pavilion at Porte de Versailles in Paris will be a one-stop-shop for inspiration, business opportunities, networking and co-operation for decision-makers in the sport sector and for leaders in innovation and technology.

At the same time, combined with the past experience and resources of the two parties, Future of Sport has also launched a series of initiatives and activities, including "the Future of Sport Challenge" and “Young Sports Makers”, to strengthen the connection between the Future ofSport core stage and its relevant communities such as startups and Gen Z.

Starting in June, Yutang Sports will introduce more details of Future of Sports and follow up on more updates of the event.

3. Yutang Sports – a Bridge Connecting China with global Sports Community

Halfway through 2023, the successful holding of the Sudirman Cup, as well as the considerable attention driven by the upcoming top international events such as the Chengdu FISU World University Games and the Asian Games Hangzhou, are releasing a positive signal ——China’s market is urging for more high-quality international resources, and international exchange of sports is in full recovery, with its value being significantly perceived by the public.

Whether through the key ideas shared by international experts during the Yutang Sports Marketing Conference, or through the communication between Yutang Sports and domestic enterprises, associations, event organizers and other stakeholders, we are clearly aware that sports are playing an increasingly important role in the cities’ economic development, cultural evolution, and even the national influence accumulation. This is a prominent feature of the international market at the current stage, which also indicates the next step for the China’s sports stakeholders.

As an observer and participant in the sports market, Yutang Sports has been actively committed itself in global sports industry for more than a decade, and has maintained close cooperation with top international business events, including the SportAccord, Global Sports Week and SPORTEL. Through years of opinions output and contents accumulation, Yutang Sports has become commonly recognized as a "bridge" by both domestic and international sports industries, boosting communication and cooperation between China and the world sports ecosystem. The media partnership with Future of Sports has further highlighted the the world’s recognition towards Yutang Sports, as well as our determination as ever to lead the Chinese sports business to thrive and shine at the global stage in the post-pandemic era.

Cédric Girard, CEO of Global Sports Week said: “We are pleased to welcome Yutang Sports as a media partner in 2023. In 2021 we were blessed to welcome the leaders of Beijing 2022 and to talk about Esports perspective in China. China has developed its world sport culture very fast since 2008 and has become a key stakeholder for the future for sport.”

LI Jiang, Executive Director of Yutang Sports said: "We are pleased and honored to collaborate with Future of Sport in 2023 after our two year’s connections with Global Sports Week. Co-organized by Viva Technology and the GSWParis, the event attaches great importance to the synergies between sports and tech & innovation community. Under the current times when sports industry is facing challenges and reinventions, the existence of Future of Sport plays a significant role in illuminating the future, making it a must-attend gathering for sports community.

“Yutang Sports will fully use our experience and expertise in international summits reporting and deliver high-quality publicity for Future of Sport. Through the latest reporting and deep analysis on the most forward-looking trend, Yutang Sports will enhance its role as the bridge and fulfill its commitment to the development of Chinese sports industry.”

This year, the state visit of French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron to China has already sent positive signals for more bilateral communication and cooperation in the years ahead, in which sports will undoubtfully become an essential part, as the 2024 Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup 2023, and many other top international events are now centering Paris as the capital of the global sports ecosystem. Cities, brands, event organizers and other stakeholders from China need to seize the opportunity of international exchange to achieve their respective development and innovation goals, while the international business events, including the Future of Sport, will become increasingly valuable as a vehicle for connection.

Starting in June, as the official media partner of Future of Sport, Yutang Sports will run full publicity about the event through news releases, image and video spread, interviews, original articles, and other efficient ways to better highlight international cutting-edge trends that are hidden in the combination of sports and technology. In the meantime, we will take this collaboration as a new step for Yutang Sports to explore more communication possibilities for Chinese stakeholders to connect with the world.

Please stay tuned to Yutang Sports for more information about Future of Sport. We sincerely welcome more young talents and business partners to go big at the global sports community through Yutang Sports.


About Future of Sport

Future of Sport, a Global Sports Week and VivaTechnology collaboration, is the gathering of the sport and tech ecosystem. Leaders in innovation, technology and business come together to meet stakeholders committed to the positive transformation of sport.

About Global Sports Week

Global Sports Week Paris is a platform for global sports organizations, promoting innovative and sustainable sport in response to the expectations of new generations. 

Created in 2020 under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, and under the patronage of UNESCO, Global Sports Week brings together political and societal leaders with change agents from sport, business, culture and media. After 3 first editions, having connected more than 2000 participants from 70 countries and 20 000 online visitors, Global Sports Week returns for its 4th edition Future of Sport, in collaboration with VivaTech from June 14 to 17 2023.

For more information and @globalsportsweek

About VivaTech

VivaTech is an innovation gas pedal that connects startups, technology leaders, large companies and investors to address our world's biggest challenges It is the place where business and innovation meet. Every year, VivaTech organizes Europe's largest tech and startup event for 4 exciting days, we bring together in Paris the most disruptive topics in technology, the entrepreneurs who are changing the rules and the world's greatest technological advances, creating an ecosystem conducive to business. VivaTech is a global community of thousands of startups, investors, organizations, companies, researchers, media and visionary talent. The seventh edition of VivaTech will take place from June 14 to 17 2023.

More information available at and @vivatech

About Yutang Sports

As one of the official media partners of Future of Sport, Yutang Sports is a Chinese leading sports marketing and media platform, with an ultimate mission to connect China and world through sports. After years of growing, Yutang Sports, with a comprehensive media and marketing promotion system, is now dedicating to reporting sports business and marketing trends, providing sports business news, analysis, and exclusive data reports in both Chinese and English. Having been cooperated with top-level domestic and international sports summits, Yutang Sports is opening a window for Chinese sports industry to embrace the world.

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